Clubs & Activities

If you are on campus, you must take part in a club.

STEM Club: IN STEM or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Club students will bring in pre-fab model kits and/or other items to build prototypes of interest.  

Board Games: Students will research the history behind and strategies of popular games and, of course, play those games.

Tiger Acts of Kindness: This club is centered wholly around the idea of community involvement. Club members will participate in various activities to promote understanding and wellness. Students will work with homeless shelters and various organizations around Stanly County to enrich the lives of others.

Anime OR Sci Fi Club: Students will watch classic and current animes and sci fi shows and discuss literary elements found within them. ALL ANIME WILL BE WATCHED IN JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Titles can include Dr. Who, Firefly, Star Trek, and Star Wars from the Sci Fi genre.  The club sponsor will chose the animes to be watched. 

Book Club: This club will be co-hosted by the Stanly Community College Library. Students will meet in the library to read and discuss novels and short stories. 

Art Club: This club is made of predominantly non-theater arts-centered clubs. The art club will work with different mediums to display  for a school gallery walk. 

Sports Club:  Students will play sports (weather permitting) and discuss upcoming games or events. This club can also be used to practice for any upcoming recreational sporting events such as the flag football game in October. 

Student Government:  This is an elected position for all grades, but for freshman and sophomores, SGA will meet during club time on Fridays. Student Government will require you to volunteer time helping with SECHS events and planning.

Yearbook:  There will be an interview process to get into yearbook. If you are interested select it as your first choice, and Mrs. Shankle will talk to you about it. The Yearbook Club will meet during clubs each Friday.

    Do NOT repeat an answer. If you do so, then your club will be chosen at random. *

Use the link, Club Interests to select the club(s) that you would like to participate in. You can find information about the clubs that are being offered. Please take the time to read each of the descriptions before making your selection.